Li Feng is the protagonist of Tempest of the Steel Mecha novel.

The Story[edit | edit source]

In a certain parallel universe, the Mayan civilization has reached their peak. Their scientific and technological levels have reached incredible levels and the Mayans have dominated the whole universe using their army. But now only three of them are left, the King, Queen and the prince. The Mayan civilization could not transcend the law of the cosmos to travel to other parallel universes and thus lost their only goal of survival. However, the King of Mayans discovered the secret of becoming god on earth. The prince, just before the ritual to become gods, threw his only robotic servant, Goldie (a golden ball with wings), into the parallel universe channel. Goldie was able to pass the law of cosmos and made it to parallel universe earth where it choose Li Feng as its new master.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

It is hinted that after Li Feng mastered the technological power he received from Goldie and defeated the Zergs, Li Feng went to a parallel universe and established the Rand Empire where he used the Rubik's Cube to create super soldiers and dominate the universe.

But for some unknown reasons the Rand Empire was destroyed and its survivors spread across thirteen parallel universe acccording to Bonehead. It is hinted that Wang Zheng is one of the survivors of the Rand Empire and thus ascended the throne of Rand Empire as its Fifth Emperor.

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