Wang Tong is the protagnist of the novel Tempest of the Battlefield which is the second installment of the Tempest Trilogy.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Wang Tong was the successor of Li Feng. Wang Tong after defeating the Zergs and sealing them, established the Saint Church to govern the humankind, however he knew that humans needed a democratic system to progress so he destroyed the Saints afterwords but it survived.

Wang Tong mastered the strongest physical technique, 256 Point Blade Technique and sparked a generation of genetic evolution among the humans. However due to the humans gaining too much power, the law of universe destroyed them along with few centuries worth of technology. It is unknown whether Wang Tong survived facing the laws of universe. Wang Tong left a soul imprint, Charcoal, to await for the arrival of the heir which was fulfilled by Wang Zheng.

Wang Tong also defeated the Mayan Empire when they were trying to expand through the galaxy and made them submit before him, he also made the Mayans pledge an oath to not harm humans for the next 300 years.

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